Quick Help Guide

How does the Early COD feature enhance my business with Selloship?

Enable daily COD remittances directly to your bank account with Shipyaari's Early COD feature, bolstering your working capital and facilitating your business's growth.

Is it possible to offer customers same-day delivery?

By collaborating with Selloship, both E-commerce and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) businesses can guarantee same-day delivery to their customers. Our nimble supply chain management ensures expedited transit times, resulting in deliveries that are up to five times quicker.

What is the process for managing fulfilment operations with Selloship?

Our fulfilment operations are streamlined into an easy four-step process:

Integrate your store and forward your products to us.

Once a customer orders from your store through any channel, we're on it. We handle the shipping directly to your customer.

Is coordination with each courier service necessary?

With Selloship, there's no need to juggle communications with different couriers. Centralize management of all orders, NDRs (Non-Delivery Reports), RTOs (Return to Origin), and monitor courier performance all in one dashboard. Benefit from instant updates, alerts on undelivered items, and swift resolution measures, all streamlined for efficiency.

How can I address high NDR rates in my business?

Starting with Selloship is a strategic